for Sellers

Your situation is unique. Believe it or not, there are those who wish to list their home or investment property for sale, yet aren't really ready to sell it. There are those who want it gone NOW. Some buyers are "just looking" and some are very stressed and on a deadline to make a move. And everything in between.

As your agent, it is my job to match a listing package to your specific needs. Aggressive pricing and advertising? We can do that. Conservative pricing and aggressive advertising? We can do that. Get the picture? It's you and me and some fantastic communication and then we're off and running. Guess what? We can even change things up midstream if your needs change.

My resume includes over 20 years of experience in marketing a wide variety of products. Social media, web, print, radio, tv, word of mouth, publicity stunts, promotions. These are all in my work bag, so let's talk! In fact, really... let's talk. I'll buy the coffee or tea and you can grill me all you want. Call or text: 541-760-5677 or email:

What to Expect:

  • A thorough market analysis

  • A marketing and advertising plan that fits your situation

  • A level of involvement that has you thinking you may have been cloned. But no, I won't do your grocery shopping. I have other things to focus on for you!