for Buyers

Search engine? Yes! Click here for the very robust Hasson Company search engine to spend endless hours looking for just the right property.

Personal shopper? Yes! Click here to send me your wish list. Be specific! I'll spend the endless hours on your behalf and narrow down the list. If you still couldn't help yourself from searching, send me links, addresses, etc. and I'll dig deeper to know more about the property and surroundings.

What to expect:

Finding just the right property for home, second home, or investment purposes can be difficult. As we get to know each other, we'll get better and better at shortcuts and time savers, so be a little patient in the beginning. Building a client-agent relationship takes time!

  • To make sure we're a good fit, let's have coffee or tea or something. My treat. We'll know soon enough if we're a good match for working together on this very important project. Here's my number: 541-760-5677 (call or text) and email: so you can contact me right now.

  • I am your agent. I have a fiduciary duty to do what is best for you. I will either have the answers or find the answers. I will give you advice - but only about real estate issues. If you choose to follow a different path, I will still act on your behalf as long as we are working together. It's a loyalty and responsibility thing - I'm a little over the top in that way.

  • Communication is key. The more words the better. It's o.k., I can handle it!

  • The offer process can be maddening, so be ready for that. We can do all the right stuff and still end up in a multiple offer situation and lose. I'm sorry ahead of time. But know that I'm also a little over the top with empathy, so I'm feeling it, too!